Bradbury Outreach Services

Bradbury House
Our Role:
May - June 2016
Development with housestyle in mind
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The Brief

Develop a sister company website that uses the same great housestyle the company is already known for

Bradbury house approached us with a simple brief with clear instructions on how they wanted their new sister company website "Bradbury Outreach services" to look and function. They wanted the site to have it's own unique colour scheme but still to have that same great housestyle and branding their company is known for.

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The Main Site

Instead of designing a website from scratch bradbury house wanted to keep the same look and feel as their main website (Shown above). A fixed width website with clear navigation and content.

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The Result

Bradbury Outreach Services

We kept that same look and feel that bradbury house was already known and loved for and added our own touches to make it feel unique in it's own way. We added a new colour scheme to match the logo and streamlined the homepage with less content replacing block paragraphs with easy to read blocks of information that are straight to the point.